Supporting You in Your Grief

You’re never alone is a only a nice cliche, unless it is backed with resources that make you feel truly supported. We’ve walked our own grief journeys, and are here to show you that you really aren’t alone. Your pain is real, and healing can come over time with work and support.

I’m sure you’ve heard “call me if you need anything.” And thought, “where do I begin? What should I even ask for? How will my friends ever understand? How can I still need support all these months and years later?” And yet... you do.

We all do. We have PTSD from moments in the journey, and we and our families are shattered by the loss. We have an entire life to build around a gaping hole in our heart. Time doesn’t heal, yet giving yourself time to adjust is paramount to LIVING again. We WILL live again, and here is how we’ll do it ... together.

Only you know the level of your pain. If you feel your life is in danger, please call 911 directly now. Once safe, the DIPG DMG Community is filled with family members just like you who have held the hand encouraging and sometimes even lifting another to rise.

The Tough2gether Online Community includes hundreds of individuals just like you, volunteering and providing knowledge, and also accessing to professional grief services. We recommend services we know and trust. Examples include grief support chats, grief retreats, online support calls, mom’s weekends, dad’s weekends, sibling camps, children’s activities, books, faith based support and more. As we add to the resources on this website and within the Tough2gether Online Community, we imagine you joining us, moving forward with us, and contributing your unique gifts and perspectives.

Sometimes being together is not what you need. In fact, you may discover that you need more alone time. Your brain needs to heal from the trauma, and peace in nature is preferred to overstimulating conversation. You may find healing in stretching and exercise, and beauty in long walks. Reading or podcasts may be your source of strength. There is not a wrong way to engage resources to help in your grief.

Together we’ll find purpose and rise above our pain, while always remembering and honoring our loved one. We WILL learn to live again just as our loved one deserved. We will make it together.