Fighting for Others

What's next? How can you move forward when you've faced the unimaginable? Remember, you're not walking this path alone.

Fight for Others by Caring for You

The suffocating race against time is heavy. Even knowing the odds were stacked against you from diagnosis, you still did everything possible to help your loved one survive. Grief feels crippling, and your family is changed forever. Connect with the DIPG DMG Community. Rest and know that you are not alone in this new chapter.

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Share Your Story with DIPG DMG

Your story holds value. Your thoughts are significant, relatable, and can touch others deeply. Your loved one's DIPG DMG journey, along with your family's experiences, are meaningful. Your insights might address gaps or enhance various parts of this journey. By sharing, you can offer guidance to others on their own paths.

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Donate Patient Data to Advance DIPG DMG Research

One impactful way to support other families dealing with DIPG DMG is by sharing your loved one's data. Whether it's clinical records, imaging, sequencing data, blood samples, or CNS tissues, you can contribute during their battle and even after. Your contribution is always meaningful.

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Connecting you to Trusted Resources

Tough2gether Online Community

During your fight, you may want to connect with other families going through this battle, learn what resources other parents found helpful or share those helpful to you. Join a private DIPG DMG community founded by DIPG DMG parents.

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xINFORM stands ready with a well-recognized system to compare your patient data, as you receive it, with other DIPG DMG patients’ data and published research relevant to your tumor. Use xINFORM to assist in the decisions for treatment you will make.

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Children’s Brain Tumor Network is a federated data and tissue repository partnering with centers of excellence throughout the world to receive patient data and tissue of pediatric brain tumor patients. By collaborating, researchers using CBTN data can often accelerate discoveries in their work for a cure.

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