New to the Fight

Welcome! We’re sorry you’re here but we’re glad you found us. When it comes to DIPG DMG, most of us aren't medical experts. It can feel like we're supposed to be, though. You probably hadn't heard of DIPG or DMG until they touched your life. Remember, you're not on this journey alone.

Receive 1:1 Guidance with My DIPG Navigator

DIPG doesn't come with clear right or wrong choices. There are many decisions to be made, and time is of the essence. Your entire family is deeply affected by the decisions you make, which can be really overwhelming. That's where My DIPG Navigator comes in – a free resource to provide you guidance along the way.

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Learn Best Practices When Newly Diagnosed

As you embark on your journey as a DIPG DMG family, you'll encounter plenty of information, which may vary depending on your location. Online searches will also yield a wealth of information. It can all be overwhelming. To assist you through these initial weeks, we've compiled resources to provide guidance.

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Make Connections with Others

Your child’s DIPG DMG diagnosis has shaken your world. Explaining it to friends and family might feel daunting. Finding those who truly understand is on your mind. Luckily, there are multiple ways to connect with the DIPG DMG community.

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Connecting you to Trusted Resources

My DIPG Navigator

Connect with nurses with years of experience in pediatric oncology to help you better understand the diagnosis and treatment options, connect you to the proper resources you need, and support you throughout your fight.

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Live Brave 2gether

We know that in addition to worries about your family member, there are financial worries that accompany a diagnosis of DIPG or DMG. Live Brave 2gether is founded by families who understand and help find options to relieve the inevitable financial strain.

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Tough2gether Online Community

During your fight, you may want to connect with other families going through this battle, learn what resources other parents found helpful or share those helpful to you. Join a private DIPG DMG community founded by DIPG DMG parents.

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